Curse of Civil War Gold Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Renewed or Canceled

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    Various gadgets have surfaced over the years that have been discovered on the island, some of which have since been carbon-dated and located to be lots of of years old. Although these things could be thought of treasure in their own right, no important primary treasure website has ever been discovered. The unique shaft, in an unknown location today, was dug by early explorers and generally known as “the cash pit”.

    Did they ever find the lost gold of World War II?

    Perhaps the most famous missing gold of the Second World War is the stash known as Yamashita’s gold. Rumored to have been buried in the Philippines, the latest attempt to find the lost gold is being documented in a 2019 TV show on the History Channel, called “Lost Gold of WWII.”

    Judge Antonio Reyes of the Baguio Regional Trial Court had declared in a ruling on May 30, 1996 that the golden Buddha was solely a bronze-plated statuette. “The US courtroom’s choice implies that the golden Buddha existed. I do not know how the conclusion was arrived,” the judge said. The statuette in the court docket’s custody was surrendered by police days after Rogelio complained that his Golden Buddha had been seized by Marcos. His relations claimed that the statuette that was returned to his family was a reproduction.

    In 1995, Roxas’s eldest son Jose petitioned the court docket to launch the statuette to him as a memento of his father’s treasure searching days. Jose also declared in court docket that his father by no means discovered a Golden Buddha. Apart from exploring the above stories, ‘The Curse of Civil War Gold’ also tells its viewers about the immense quantities of riches earned by the Union troops after they caught Davis. Was it merely a coincidence or have been they profitable in smuggling Davis’ gold and then used it for leading a lavish life? Yes, this present may linger on the edges of that fantastic line between true information and rumors.

    Secret World War II treasure price billions ‘found in Philippines cave’… however huge stash of gold bars and rubies has been booby-trapped with BOMBS

    In its first season, “The Curse of Civil War Gold” reached 24.2 million complete viewers in Live +3 supply. ‘The Curse of Civil War Gold’ follows Michigan-based Kevin Dykstra in his 8-12 months mission to find the misplaced accomplice gold of the Civil War. In his quest, he’s joined by treasure hunters and ‘TheCurse of Oak Island‘ brothers Rick and Marty Lagina. The duo heard concerning the legend from Kevin and decided to help him in his journey.

    “The curse” is claimed to have originated more than a century in the past and states that seven men will die in the seek for the treasure before it is discovered. Often referred to as the “Money Pit,” it ought to come of no surprise that the Lagina brothers (and different monetary backers) have sunk a lot of money into the Oak Island treasure hunt.

    Although a number of borings were taken in and around the pit, not one of the cores revealed anything of curiosity. In 1866, a gaggle often known as The Oak Island Eldorado Company or extra generally The Halifax Company was formed to find the treasure. By this time there were many shafts, bore holes, and tunnels underneath Oak Island made by earlier treasure hunters.

    The Mystery Of The Missing Billions: The Hunt For Yamashita’s Lost WWII Gold

    This new shaft was parallel to and connected with the original shaft as it was used to pump water out of the unique shaft to a depth of 103 feet (31 m). Although the pumps couldn’t sustain with the floodwater, tools that had been used by the Onslow and Truro firms have been recovered. The Oak Island Association additionally did some work at Smith’s Cove by drilling a number of shafts in an attempt to shut off and seal the alleged flood tunnels. All of these attempts have been failures in the end, due to the tide which ultimately broke through obstacles that were put in place. One final attempt was made in 1864 to intersect the money pit, leading to an alleged flood tunnels again being breached.

    One of these treasure hunters is Rogelio Roxas who truly discovered a portion of the Yamashita’s gold. His group allegedly discovered a portion of the Yamashita’s gold, which was a hidden chamber full of gold bars and a large golden Buddha statue with gems hidden inside its head located in a cave north of Manila.

    That alone has raised multiple questions in regards to the brothers’ funds. And while Marty Lagina’s web worth is within the hundreds of thousands, many surprise about his brother, Rick Lagina’s web value (and the way he makes his cash). After the warfare, the rumors of the loot sent many treasure hunters around the Philippines.

    By this time, saltwater was undermining the partitions of the unique shaft which some employees refused to enter. The authentic shaft was inspected by mining engineers who declared it unsafe, and the company abandoned their efforts when their cash ran out. The collection follows Kevin Dykstra, who has been on an eight-yr quest to solve the thriller of what occurred to the lost accomplice gold of the Civil War. With compelling proof and now the help of Marty Lagina, Dykstra and his group embark on an motion-packed hunt in an effort to lastly decipher what could possibly be one of many greatest conspiracies in American history.

    • Both of these shafts had been filled with water when an alleged flood tunnel was again breached.
    • The most Michigan of what I name the “dad actuality shows” is about to begin it’s second season in a number of weeks.
    • The next main excavation try was carried out in 1861 by a company referred to as “The Oak Island Association”.
    • According to MLive.com, “The Curse of Civil War Gold” is slated to be back on the History channel on April twenty third at 10PM.

    The auger handed through a spruce platform at 98 toes (30 m), then hit layers of oak, something described as “metal in pieces”, another spruce layer, and clay for 7 toes (2.1 m). This platform was hit twice every time steel was delivered to the floor along with numerous different objects such as wood and coconut fibre.

    When a plan to close off the alleged flood tunnels from Smith’s didn’t work, the corporate determined to shift focus to the unique major shaft. Exploratory holes that had been drilled turned up bits of wood, more coconut fiber, delicate clay, and blue mud.

    The diggers then faced a dilemma when the pit flooded with 60 ft (18 m) of water for unknown reasons. The alleged excavation was ultimately deserted after employees attempted to get well the treasure from beneath by digging a tunnel from a second shaft that also flooded. The last main company of the unpublished period was called The Truro Company, which was allegedly shaped in 1849 by buyers. The pit was re-excavated back right down to the 86-foot (26 m) stage, however ended up flooding once more. It was then decided to drill 5 bore holes using a pod-auger into the unique shaft.

    The most Michigan of what I call the “dad reality reveals” is about to start it is second season in a number of weeks. According to MLive.com, “The Curse of Civil War Gold” is slated to be back on the History channel on April twenty third at 10PM. The next major excavation try was carried out in 1861 by a company called “The Oak Island Association”. The original pit was re-excavated to a depth of 88 toes (27 m), and two more shafts were dug. The first one missed its supposed goal of an alleged flood tunnel, whereas the opposite intersected the original shaft by way of a branched-off tunnel at around 105 feet (32 m) deep.

    On the opposite hand, the group does find compelling items of proof, which makes us query written history once once more. Along the best way, the crew also makes shocking discoveries of different hidden treasures, which manages to maintain the viewer glued to the small screen. During the interval between 1861 and 1865, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States. However, with the end result of the Civil War, Davis began anticipating his imminent defeat and determined to flee to Havana, Cuba.

    Based on a one hundred year old deathbed confession from a neighborhood lighthouse keeper, Michigan native Kevin Dykstra and his staff search for a cache of Civil War Gold, estimated to be price round $a hundred and forty million dollars. Dykstra and his team be part of forces with Marty Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island to attempt to clear up the thriller and find the lost gold. The Oak Island mystery refers to stories of buried treasure and unexplained objects discovered on or close to Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Since the nineteenth century, a variety of makes an attempt have been made to find treasure and artifacts. Theories about artifacts current on the island vary from pirate treasure, to Shakespearean manuscripts, to possibly the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, with the Grail and the Ark having been buried there by the Knights Templar.

    What happened to lost gold of ww2?

    Yamashita treasure is the gold allegedly stolen in south east Asia by the Japanese army during WWII. It is named after the Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita. The loot including gold bars and gemstones, worth billions of pounds, was supposedly plundered under the command of Yamashita in 1944.

    Both of these shafts had been crammed with water when an alleged flood tunnel was again breached. At one level one of the platforms positioned within the original shaft at 98 ft (30 m) collapsed, and dropped to a decrease degree.

    The effect triggered the following two platforms to drop as properly with the treasure now resting some 119 feet (36 m) beneath ground along with an estimated 10,000 ft (3048 m) of lumber. The first of six unintentional deaths during excavations occurred during the fall of 1861 when a pump engine boiler burst. The explosion was first mentioned in an 1863 novel titled Rambles Among the Blue-noses, while point out of a death got here five years later. Another shaft was dug within the spring of 1862, one which was 107 toes (33 m) deep.

    Having found nothing of curiosity, the group gave up the search in 1867. How much the Lagina brothers and other cast members of The Curse of Oak Island make per episode is unknown. There, he observed boxes of various sizes that contained gold and silver. Shortly thereafter, he additionally observed a golden buddha statue, which was saved at a convent close to the tunnels.

    Captain Henry L. Bowdoin arrived on Oak Island in August 1909 representing the Old Gold Salvage Group, one of whose members was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. By this time the world now generally known as the “cash pit” was cleared out to 113 feet (34 m), and divers were despatched down to investigate.

    Accompanying him in his journey was his first spouse, Varina Anne Davis, troopers, servants, and probably, tens of millions of dollars of gold. Rumor has it that he traveled with the whole contents on a carriage, driven by horses. However, sadly for Davis, search parties were promptly sent out by the Union Troops and he and his wife have been captured in Irwin Country, Georgia on May 10, 1865. Now, as per Kevin’s analysis and conspiracy theories, the Union men took the valuables for themselves and returned the gold to Michigan. The History Channel, which is likely one of the most-watched cable networks by viewers within the age group, has been continuously adding informative, entertaining applications to its repertoire of non-fiction series.

    Unfortunately, after his discovery, he was arrested by President Ferdinand E. Marcos who confiscated all his gold and tortured him. After he was launched from his arrest, he died mysteriously underneath suspicious circumstance. Roxas claimed that the Buddha’s head was detachable and that it concealed a hollowed-out portion throughout the statue that contained at least two handfuls of uncut diamonds. The cache was alleged to be a portion of the legendary Yamashita treasure.

    Tomoyuki YamashitaThere, according to Roxas, he and his staff of treasure hunters discovered the skeletal remains of Japanese soldiers, samurai swords, crates stuffed with gold bullion, and a large golden Buddha statue. Roxas mentioned that he took one of many crates of gold bars and the Buddha statue, and then resealed the chamber, intending to keep it a secret.

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